Sales development


Once you have registered your trademark and you completed the export test, you are ready to sell in China, so it is important to start the commercial activity as soon as possible, to not waste sales opportunities and to keep your activity in China consistent in time.

Now that you can proof that your products are compliant to Chinese regulations and you understand how the import/export process in China works, you have a stronger position to negotiate with potential clients. In order to take advantage of it, it is needed to:

  • Develop a network of potential clients and partners.
  • Prepare an action plan to target these clients.
  • Organize visits and negotiations with targets.
  • Rely on constant support.

It is quite common to find many companies that invested a lot in preparing to sell but then failed because they did not have support in China when they needed it the most.  When the action plan is set and the targets are identified, we start arranging meetings and negotiating with potential clients. We assist you during these meetings and provide advise based on our experience, paving the way towards a mutually beneficial agreement. We are a solid bedrock for your export department in China, giving them full support in their tasks, and keeping updated in Chinese food regulation, as it changes constantly. We can be your partner in China for at least one year to grow your sales in the country.


When sales start flowing and the amount sold grows, some aspects will get complicated and it might be necessary to rely on specialists in different fields, such as accounts, law firms, recruiting firms, customs agents, among others. Our direct coordination and management will allow you avoid searching for international service providers and their premiums. We will evaluate the best options within the local market so you can be confident on your choice.