Market research

Before entering the Chinese market, you need to know the potential of your product, optimal price range, adequate sales channel, promotion options, identify your competitors and measure their size, consumer trends, etc. A market research includes all this information, which will help you to approach the market in a proper, cost-effective way, avoiding unnecessary expenses produced by a natural lack of experience and expertise in China. It is based in two main aspects:
 Legal requirements 

We explain in detail the legal requirements for entering to this market analysing both the regulations on paper and its implementation in practice. Accessing up-to-date information on quarantine and customs requirements for such things as labelling & packaging requirements, food standards and allowed ingredients and additives is a time consuming and challenging process. It is therefore important to be prepared, and not to underestimate the time, cost, and volume of documentation required to complete the process.

Commercial possibilities 

From the commercial point of view, we analyse sales points in order to check presence, format and prices of domestic and imported products. With regards to the latter, we research in detail about the manufacturer of those products and identify the importer, so we can better understand the branding and exclusivity strategy of those competitors. All this data is highly valuable and it is used to study consumer’s habits and profile and market competitors. We evaluate which sales channel fits more with your type of products and your experience (e.g. e-commerce is only advised once you have your own importer). Also, we provide recommendations on the best price positioning strategy according to your costs and market prices.

Taking into consideration all these criteria, we develop a clear strategy and practical next steps for your immersion in the Chinese market.