Market exploration


When you aim to China, you need to know in advance what the agents or importers are looking for and be able to anticipate your weakest and strongest points to adapt and enhance your strategy and sales pitch.

For this purpose, we:

  1. Elaborate a list of suitable potential Chinese partners
  2. Check the partners’ matching potential
  3. Contact them in order to find out if they are interested in your company’s products or not.
    1. If they are interested, you get a potential client for a very low cost.
    2. If they are not interested, we detail why they are not, so you get an extremely valuable information to understand the potential of your products in China. Also, if something can be improved or reconsidered before launching your “China project” (e.g. price, format).

If the number of interested importers justifies a visit to China, the next natural step is to come to China and meet these importers. (see business agenda)