We help countries and agencies to design, develop and implement their strategy for China

China has become a top priority for most of the countries when designing their trade policies and strategies. A lot of resources are being allocated in order to promote the exports of local companies but money is not the only input needed to succeed in this country -although it helps a lot-, the strategy and the support of local expertise is crucial to develop a sustainable and successful project that is truly able to assist  the exporting companies.


Trade and Technical Barriers

China is a member of the WTO since 2001, but more than 15 years after their admission it is still a difficult market to get in. A lot of industries are restricted and within the same industry, for different products the requirements and procedures to export to China can vary dramatically.

Also, the rhythm of changes in regulations and the differences between them and the actual implementation, makes very difficult to access the market for companies without or little experience in the country. We will guide you and go with you along the process, since you start negotiating with the importer or distributor until your products are sold to the final customer.