Industry development program


Industry associations are constantly seeking to raise awareness of their sector and origin in China. This contributes to increased sales by their associates and the creation of a trade barrier for market newcomers, who will not enjoy the numerous advantages that a recognized leading origin offers, such as:

  • Clients get used to the product and origin and are reluctant to change unless other characteristics change drastically (price, food safety incident, scarcity…)
  • Lower cost of client acquisition, thus better margins
  • Less perceived risks from the buyer’s perspective
  • Enhanced negotiation power
  • Easy access to decision makers of target clients
  • General awareness among consumers of the main benefits of your products

The first step is to elaborate a market report, analyzing the market situation, main competitors and differences between several business strategies.

This report includes a list of contacts of the industry in the country (professionals, professors, importers, distributors, Chinese associations, etc.); and a detailed list of the major sector events and exhibitions that will be used by the association to promote their business activity.

Additionally, meetings with these contacts in China –and, of course, in Chinese- need to be arranged to obtain first-hand information about the market and product perception. In some cases, associations are eligible for public funding aiming to promote the internationalization of the product, sector or country brand in China. The market report will identify these opportunities.


After the industry situation has been thoroughly analysed, it’s time to design an action plan. It can be either short, mid or long term depending on the association’s needs and resources and the nature of the market. It will set the objectives to achieve and describe the materials, marketing campaign (e.g. Chinese website, WeChat account, Weibo account), promotion activities, management tasks or commercial actions that the association should develop. An estimated budget will quantify the expenditure to successfully carry the actions needed to reach the objectives set.