The Food and Beverage industry in China is growing at a fast and steady pace, so it must be a key market for any company aiming to be a global player. It is not only the opportunity that China provides if you are present in the market, it is the cost of opportunity if you are not.


Be competitive. Be in China.


Wide network of importers and distributors

Over the years we have built a large network of importers and distributors of food and beverage products that are very interested in adding new products to their protfolios.


Marketing and Communication Campaigns

A good marketing and communication strategy is a key factor to explain why some countries or regions are perceived as market leaders. China is a country where this is especially important and having a local partner is a must to secure a satisfactory impact of the campaign. It is not only the message but also the ability to localise this message and send it to the right crowd.


Market research

China is huge in size and population. Because of that, finding your targets, estimating  a feasible market size and discovering your competitors -learn from them!- is essential for decision makers. The same way you cannot sell to all the consumers, you cannot sell to the entire country, at least, on the first stages. Our team will help you hit the target.


Strategic planning

Your product is excellent and your export department is outstanding, but that is not enough to succeed in China. A totally different approach is required, thus adapting and redesigning your business plan is a must. We will learn from you and, by doing so, we will be able to shape your strategy to succeed in the Chinese market.


Business trips

Come to China and meet clients and other relevant parties in your industry. We will take care of making the connections so you can focus in selling your products. Organization is on us!

News on the Chinese Food and Beverage industry

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