Unlike other services providers, we only offer those services in which we can truly make a difference. We have extensive experience in the Food and Beverage industry in China. We have worked for -or cooperated with- public trade and investment agencies from all over the world and Trade Sections of the Embassies in China, as well as private companies, training them in China and Europe and helping them to shape and implement their trade and investment policies in the country and to help them to access Chinese market. That is where our expertise lay and that’s exactly what we offer you.


The lack of training is one of the main reasons for failure in China but one of the easiest problems to solve. Our trainings are very practical, constantly updated, truly insightful, realistic on its advice towards China, adapted to each audience and delivered in different programs’ formats.


Market research

A market research includes specific information such as the potential of your product, optimal price range or adequate sales channel, which will help you to approach the market in a proper, cost-effective way, avoiding unnecessary expenses produced by a natural lack of experience and expertise in China.


Trademark registration

The Trademark Law in China adopts the “first-to-file” system, which grants exclusive rights of trademark use to the registrant who applies first, and provides the registrant a high degree of legal protection for its exclusive use in China. It is extremely important to register your brand before it is exposed to Chinese market.


Export test

It is an actual export to China but limited to a small badge of your products. Reducing the quantity and not being rushed by deadlines will lead to a limited risk operation but will have the same positive results of a larger export.


Market exploration

When you aim to China, you need to know in advance what the agents or importers are looking for and be able to anticipate your weakest and strongest points to adapt and enhance your strategy and sales pitch.


Business agenda

It is very hard to find the right Chinese partner or clients without knowing the market and having contacts in China. We organize visits to China to one or two cities, with a duration of 3 and 5 days respectively.


Exhibition/Trade fair

A service designed for companies interested in exhibiting in a tradeshow in China but do not have the time required to set everything up, enough human resources in China nor budget to send a whole team to participate in the exhibition.


Delegation to China

For Government Trade Organizations or umbrella associations, it is a strategic promotional activity to organize group visits for producers or exporters from your country to China. Trips can be designed in one or two cities, and normally have a duration of 3 to 5 days.


Chinese buyers trip

Being a Government Trade Organization or an industry association, sometimes it is easier, and more effective, to bring decision makers from potential clients to meet a group of exporting companies in your home country than to meet them in China. Costs might be lower and you will be playing at home, saving considerable time and travel budget.


Industry development program

Industry associations are constantly seeking to raise awareness of their sector and origin in China. This contributes to increased sales by their associates and the creation of a trade barrier for market newcomers, who will not enjoy the numerous advantages that a recognized leading origin offers.


Sales development

Once you have registered your trademark and you completed the export test, you are ready to sell in China, so it is important to start the commercial activity as soon as possible, to not waste sales opportunities and to keep your activity in China consistent in time.


Supermarket or E-commerce platform promotion

Organizing promotions in supermarkets is an excellent activity for a Government Trade Organization or an industry association that wants to introduce or expand the distribution network of their country’s or associates’ products in China.