Presenting the opportunities for Spanish table olives in China


On December 21st EIBENS participated in a panel organised by the Spanish Agrifood Cooperatives (Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de España) on the challenges and opportunities that Spanish table olives face in the international market.

We had the pleasure to present the research study developed for ICEX and Interaceituna on the current situation of Spanish olives in the Chinese market and how to move forward.

Spanish table olive exports to China are stagnant, still at very low levels. During his presentation, EIBENS explained that in order to achieve greater growth in the Chinese market, it is necessary to associate Spanish olives with a purchase motive, to create attributes linked to the health benefits of the product, to adapt the flavors to the taste of the Chinese consumer and to strengthen promotional actions, increating the presence online and emphasising product presentation.

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