I Spanish Day of Alfalfa Cultivation

Invited by AEFA (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Dehydrated Alfalfa),  Eibens attended the I Spanish Day of Alfalfa Cultivation that took place on Tuesday in Zaragoza. The event brought together the main cooperatives, producers, and experts in the dehydrated alfalfa industry. The meeting allowed the participants to exchange innovative experiences, share their field works and address the opportunities offered by international markets.

China, with a growing demand for imported alfalfa and other forages, is one of those markets. The ongoing campaign keeps bringing positive outcomes and is contributing to improve the perception of Spanish alfalfa among Chinese industry stakeholders.

In 2020, Eibens will keep working, together with AEFA and ICEX to reinforce the understanding of our product and towards a better adaptation to Chinese market demands, in terms of quality and commercialization.


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