How are fruits sold in China and Europe?

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Continuing our cooperation with the EU SME Centre in China, last Friday Daniel Pedraza was invited to participate as key speaker in the Fresh Produce Summit China celebrated in the frame of the China International Fruit & Vegetable Fair in Beijing (

He made a presentation about the differences between selling fruits retail in China vs. in the EU, analysing 11 main differences:

  • What fruits can you find on the shelves?
  • How are fruits sold?
  • How are fruits packed?
  • Price vs Flavour vs Appearance
  • Size/Calibre
  • Fruits as a gift

  • How do supermarkets buy?
  • Cold chain
  • Perception about imported products
  • Does organic matter?
  • The role of E-commerce

Fruit consumption in China is growing fast and steadily and it had almost reached EU consumption levels already in 2013. Therefore, together with Chinese taste for imported products, China must be seen as a market with a great potential for EU fruit producers and exporters.


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