Finnish Business Delegation visit to the People’s Republic of China – Day 3


March 20-24, 2016

The final day of our agenda for the Finnish delegation was strategically designed for them to meet the wide range of opportunities China offers for their companies and products.

The day started with a visit to, China’s leading online direct sales enterprise and the country’s largest Internet Company by revenue. The group had the chance to take a brief tour through JD’s impressive HQ offices and understand the importance of online commerce in the country directly from JD’s decision makers.

Later that day, the delegation visited Tianjin, one of the five national central cities of China and the fourth largest in the country in terms of urban population, with more than 15 million inhabitants.

Located along the west coast of the Bohai Gulf and only 120 km away from Beijing, Tianjin plays a very important role in China’s economy, being a key port and a hub of advanced industry and financial activity.

In this fast developing city, the group visited important supermarkets and importers, presenting their products to potential buyers and establishing cooperation possibilities.


Eibens’ team is pleased to have taken part on the design and organization of this activity and wishes all the participant companies the most successful results.



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