ESIC to Chengdu and Shanghai: discovering the New Silk Road


A delegation from Spain constituted by ESIC Master programs’ students and ESIC authorities; visited Chengdu and Shanghai from Monday 27th June to Sunday 3rd July 2016 as a part of an overall strategy designed with the purpose of understanding how China is changing the world, as well as to explore the possibilities of cooperation between China and Europe through the “One Belt One Road” strategy.

In order to achieve this purpose, many activities of different nature were developed with the group, such as: company visits, seminars, networking sessions, among others.

After arriving to Chengdu, the group visited the South Western University of Finance and Economics – SWUFE (Liulin Campus) and had a seminar session covering different topics, such as The Chinese economy, current situation and future outlook, “One Belt One Road” and Chinese MNCs or “One Belt, One Road” and the Service Industry in Western China.

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During the second day, the group visited the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base as Chengdu has been the ancestral homeland to giant pandas since ancient times. Then, they met ADIsports, a company that was launched in 2014 and is striving to be a leader in multi-sports coaching, sports consulting as well as sport and event management in South-West China. The company founders talked about their experience as foreign entrepreneurs in China and the role of Chengdu on the development of their business.

After, three more visits followed. The first one to the EU Project Innovation Center (EUPIC), a comprehensive platform promoting trade, investment and technical cooperation between the EU and China.

Second, they visited Jingrong Start-up Hub. It is a key center of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chengdu, and it was built by the most economically developed district, Chengdu High-tech Zone.

Finally, they went to the Chengdu Tianfu Software Park. It is Asia’s largest specialized business IT park and one of China’s first 10 national software industry bases.

The day ended with a dinner and Sichuan Opera show at Shunxing Old Teahouse. 

For the third day, a visit to Shuijingfang Baijiu Museum was organized. There they saw the fermentation and distillation process to manufacture the traditional Chinese drink called Baijiu. They also had a case study explanation from the Marketing Manager of DIAGEO, explaining how they rebranded the product to make it more appealing to young audiences. The group travelled to Shanghai later that day.

Pic of ESIC students
During the fourth day, the group was toured by the premises of the Shanghai Stock Exchange while they were explained about how it works in China as well as their plans for the upcoming years.

Then they visited Dentons Law Firm, where they learned about the company’s role in China and their recent merging with a local law firm.

Later that day, they attended at SISU Hongkou Campus to four seminar sessions with experts from different fields in China, such as The role of Shanghai in the development of China, The 16+1 initiative, Sea trade from China, new silk road at sea or The luxury market in China.

For the last two days, they went Shanghai Foreign Studies University – SISU to have a conference organized annually by ESIC and SISU with the participation of lecturers, Chinese and international businessmen as well as ESIC alumni living in Shanghai, and then, they visited the premises of The HWS Group and had a seminar designed by EIBENS to consolidate the China knowledge of the trip, as well as a lecture about the fashion sector in China.

To close up, they visited FreshFresh, an e-commerce platform based in Shanghai. During the visit, the group learned more about their distribution system, marketing measures and also visited their logistic center and tried Chinese typical fruits.


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