Our new report about the Imported and Craft Beer Market in China, is recently published by the EU SME Centre

Beer market China

The EU SME Centre has recently published a new report on imported and craft beer in China developed by Eibens Consulting. It is a report aimed at European SMEs seeking to start exporting to China.

China is the largest beer market in the world with an annual consumption of 45.7 billion litres, twice as much as the US, and more than five times what Germany, the largest beer market in the EU, consumes. In China, beer represents 75% of the total amount of alcohol consumption in terms of volume.

The Chinese mass-consumed beer market has matured over the years. During the last few years, the volume of the total beer market has been decreasing, mainly due to the decrease in production and consumption of the Chinese mass-consumed beer segment.

However, the value of the total beer market is showing year-on-year growth during the same period, driven by the premiumisation of the market.

Beer imports have been growing by double digits over the last 5 years. China’s beer imports (750 million USD in 2017) are dominated by EU producers – about three-fourths of the imports have an EU origin.

We have provided a market overview, based on beer segments applicable to the Chinese market, furthermore the report will provide you with useful and practical information on market size, trends, geographical distribution, retail channels, price tranches as well as consumer demands.

Read it now to develop a successful market strategy for your product! 


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