Successful closing of one-week promotional campaign of Spanish alfalfa in China

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As part of the activities organized last week for the promotional campaign of Spanish alfalfa, we took part in a conference organized by Hesitan, the country’s leading private organization for fodder and dairy production. The main topic of the discussion was the current situation of the Chinese and imported fodder with a focus on alfalfa and oats. The conference featured speakers from the China Animal Agriculture Association (part of China Grassland Association), Beijing  Sunlon Livestock, China Forage & Grassland Research System, Modern Farming and the University of California Davis and other organizations and attracted more than 140 participants.  Pablo Llorente, one of the invited experts, delivered a presentation on Spanish alfalfa and its use in dairy cow rations.

On the same day Javier Giraldez visited the China Agricultural University and presented a seminar about the Spanish alfalfa production process, mainly focusing on technical aspects, planting, harvesting, dehydration, etc.

We finished the week with a visit to a farm in Hebei province, where our experts provided technical support and recommendations to the nutritionists and staff on how to improve the processes of feeding Spanish alfalfa to their 18,000 dairy cattle.  In the afternoon, we participated in an online training for more than 60 farms across the country. The main purpose of this activity was to increase the knowledge of Spanish alfalfa and provide guidance on the proper use of the product in a dairy cattle diet.

It was a successful and productive week, during which we shared our knowledge about Spanish alfalfa and have set the pace and priorities for future collaboration.

The campaign is developed by Eibens in cooperation with the Spanish Institute for  Foreign Trade (ICEX) for the AEFA Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Alfalfa Deshidratada – ALFALFA SPAIN (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Dehydrated Alfalfa).


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