New webinar on Imported Fresh Fruits Market in China is out – Published by the EU SME Centre

Fruit webinar featured

The EU SME Centre has recently published a webinar on imported fresh fruits in China developed by Eibens Consulting. It is an overview aimed at European SMEs seeking to start exporting to China.

China consumes more fruits than any other country or region in the world. In 2017 China imported USD 5.3 billion of fresh fruits from the world. Less than 2% of them had an EU origin, but with better market access after the recent approval of new protocols between China and EU countries, the market is there for the taking.

Apples, pears, kiwifruits or citrus are some of the categories that are currently exported from some EU countries. In this webinar on the “Imported Fresh Fruits Market in China”, we see from which EU countries and how they perform compared to competitors.

We have provided a market overview to set out what is China actually importing and the trends shaping the market, including the role that Hong Kong plays in fruits imports. This webinar also analyses key drivers of fruit consumption, such as price, appearance or flavour, and the profiles of fruit consumers. It is completed by a scrutiny of the different distribution channels and a quick guideline on how to find and maintain a business partner.

Watch it now to develop a successful market strategy for your product!

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