Irish beef wholesaler and distributor guide for Bord Bia – Presenting the findings and conclusions

Bord Bia 1

Last Friday May 4th Eibens presented the conclusions of the Irish beef wholesaler and distributor guide commissioned by Bord Bia, The Irish Food Board. The report provided in-depth information about the way the Chinese beef market works, distribution mapping, opportunities and proposed strategies.

Last year Chinese authorities signed a protocol with Ireland and inspected a number of facilities, some of which were recently approved and listed while the rest will soon follow. Ireland is a major beef exporter worldwide and this approval sends a very positive signal to other European beef suppliers. The opening of this market presents a perfect opportunity for the Irish beef sector but initial strategy will set the tone for the market development.

Bord Bia is paving the way while the industry gets ready for the Chinese beef market. Bord Bia has an experienced office in Shanghai which has been actively developing and support all meat exports of Ireland to China.

At the same time China´s beef imports had a 33% CAGR for the period 2015-2017 and, due to the limited domestic production capacity the future looks bright for foreign beef suppliers. Imports are expected to grow over 20% annually for the following five years.


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