FIAB long-term training programme’s sixth and seventh sessions carried out


On November 30th and December 1st, we carried out the sixth and seventh sessions (which were also the last two) of the Long-term training programme developed by Eibens for FIAB (The Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation).

During the sixth session, dedicated to Marketing in China, we went through several topics such as:

  • China’s marketing fundamentals 101
  • Brand localization
  • Packaging
  • Discounts and sales
  • Presents and seasons Marketing strategies and who manages them
  • Digital marketing (WeChat, Weibo, Website, search engines, bloggers, platforms…)
  • Traditional marketing
  • Evaluating options and long-term plan
  • Next steps

As for the seventh session about Distribution in China, we covered, among other topics, the following:

  • Imported F&B market in China per location
  • The consumer and their buying and consumption trend
  • Type of distributors, description of each type, key players, purchase process and study cases
  • Situation of retail sector and key players per channel
  • Negotiation with distributors and accessing the point of sales

We would like to thank all the companies that participated during these trainings, it was very enriching to share experiences and insights with some of Spanish top performers in China. Due to the great success, we will launch a 2018 edition of the Long-term training programme. Details will be available soon!


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