Are there still opportunities for European dairy products in China?


The European Dairy Association (EDA) asked us to give a presentation on the situation of China’s dairy market on their Congress in Brussels and, of course, we were delighted to join!

The event took place on 5th July, and gathered representatives from all over the EU: Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Italy, who shared a common interest in learning our market insights and trends.

The European dairy products have not reached its full potential yet, as local dairy industry cannot meet the consumption demand, which is increasing steadily. We analysed the market reality, giving a forecast for each type of product, including UHT milk, milk powder, yogurt, cheese, butter, inputs for the food industry, whey and infant formula. We later review major market trends and the opportunities that could be seized by European exporters, focusing on the distributor brand, sales channels and online market.


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