A bit of milk, some alfalfa and lots of technology in the 8th China Dairy Exhibition

China Dairy Exhibition

Last weekend, Eibens represented the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Dehydrated Alfalfa (AEFA) on the 8th China Dairy Exhibition 2017 ( held in Nanjing. The goal of this visit is to extend the network of contacts and discuss potential cooperation projects with Chinese partners. We met with alfalfa importers and traders, large dairy producers and other alfalfa producers (both national and international). This year’s edition had 509 expositors and saw 80,000 visitors walk through this venue during the three days of the event.

This activity is part of a long-term industry development programme for AEFA developed by Eibens. The programme is aimed to improve Spanish alfalfa image and establish AEFA’s permanent representation in the country.

This exhibition is the prelude to the Grassland’s International Alfalfa Congress, that will be held in Gansu on August 10-13. This is the main event for the alfalfa sector in the country.


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